Advice sheets

Maintaining your equipment

A maintenance plan is required to maintain the appearance and functionality of this equipment (pool lifts, wheelchairs, lifting platforms, rehabilitation equipment). It consists of regular, thorough cleaning of the components and periodic visual inspection to detect damaged, loose or missing components. For more details, please consult the maintenance manual supplied with your appliance and read our advice sheets.

Choosing your equipment

In this section you will find practical information to help you make your choice your pool and beach wheelchairs, your fixed or mobile pool lifts, your pool lifts and above-ground spas for lifting and launching people with disabilities or PRMs,   to suit your needs and your budget. Our comparisons include a downloadable file detailing our product offers and comparing them on the basis of their main selection criteria.  

Laws & regulations

In this section, you’ll find practical information on accessibility and current legislation for people with disabilities or reduced mobility (PRM) in establishments open to the public (ERP) and facilities open to the public (IOP): swimming pools, rehabilitation centres, beaches, marinas, etc.