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Making aquatic spaces, collective swimming pools, campsites, hotels, balneotherapy facilities, etc. accessible to all audiences has been mandatory since the 2005 law for equal rights and opportunities. Handicap Accès offers numerous solutions to help professionals and individuals make swimming pools accessible to people with reduced mobility and disabilities: fixed and mobile pool lifts, above-ground pool lifts and also wheelchairs swimming pool. There are two types of chairs: launching chairs with balloon wheels and wheelchairs. In addition, some models are designed to go into swimming pool water, while others are limited to showers and footbaths.

Launching chairs vs. wheelchairs

Launching chairs with balloon wheels and wheelchairs are two solutions for access to swimming pools for people with reduced mobility.

Launching chairs with balloon wheels: These chairs are designed to make it easier for users to enter and exit the water. They are equipped with special balloon wheels that allow them to be easily moved over wet surfaces and lowered into water. Their use for descending into the water should be limited to infinity pools. This chair requires the help of an assistant for moving and launching.

Wheelchairs: These chairs are generally equipped with handrails which allow users to move independently from the changing rooms into the water of the pools if the chair has been designed to be submerged. These chairs are often used in health and wellness establishments and in community swimming pools.

Immersible pool chairs vs shower chairs

It is also important to distinguish chairs that can be used in swimming pool water from those that are limited to showers and footbaths:

Immersible pool chairs: These chairs are specially designed for partial or total immersion. They are made from stainless steel, aluminum or plastic materials resistant to corrosion caused by chlorinated and/or salt water. The SOFAO chair is also equipped with floats ensuring its buoyancy.

Shower chairs: These chairs are limited to use in showers and footbaths. They are designed to withstand humidity and fresh water irrigation, but are not suitable for complete immersion in swimming pool water. However, it remains a practical and economical solution for moving around locker rooms, in the shower and in shallow pools.

Handicap Accès, specialist in launching systems for disabled people and people with reduced mobility, supports you in choosing your swimming pool wheelchair. For more details, you can also consult our comparatif of swimming pool wheelchairs.