Equestrian Universe

Welcome to our equestrian world, dedicated to riding schools, equitherapists and disability professionals, and discover our range of adapted equipment, from rider lifts to horse mounts. This equipment, specially selected for the mobility-impaired and disabled, includes saddles, reins, surfaixes, bardettes, stirrups, hulls and stirrup leathers, guaranteeing safety and comfort for both rider and horse. With Handicap Accès, discover how to transform every riding school into an inclusive space, where disability is no longer a barrier to riding.

Rider lifts and mounts

Discover our rider lifts and mounts, designed to make riding more accessible to people with reduced mobility and disabilities. Riding improves motor skills and self-confidence, but getting on a horse can be a real challenge. Our equipment facilitates this process: lifts lift the rider from his wheelchair onto the horse's back, and the mounts, with their non-slip steps and handrails, ensure a safe ascent.


Discover our range of equestrian equipment adapted for people with reduced mobility and disabilities. From saddles, surfaixes and bardettes to reins and stirrup leathers, we've selected this equipment to make riding more inclusive and safer. Each piece of equipment has been chosen for the comfort, balance, control and individual goals of each rider. Explore these specialized facilities and transform the equestrian experience for riders with disabilities.

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