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Old buildings are rarely able to accommodate people with reduced mobility or disabled without having been previously modified or equipped with PRM access platforms or ramps, but their accessibility is limited. a crucial question to ensure the inclusion of all and respond to the 2005 law on equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of people with disabilities.

PRM access ramps

There are many solutions to make a building accessible. However, the preferred solution remains the creation or installation of a PRM access ramp. For long profiles (> 2m), the slope of the ramp must be 6% maximum with regular levels and for short profiles (0.5 to 2 meters), certain tolerances are allowed with a slope of between 6 to 10 % to allow the movement of an unaccompanied person in a wheelchair.

PMR lifting platform

When the creation or installation of a ramp is not possible, it must be replaced by the installation of a PMR lifting platform which can be vertical or oblique. This lifting platform thus allows the crossing of landings, access to terraces and stoops or to replace an elevator for access to one or more floors. This solution is particularly popular with elderly and disabled people to arrange their homes and thus ensure their independence.

The PMR lifting platforms that we offer are fixed and/or mobile depending on the desired use. Thus our fixed lifting platforms are permanently installed for private or public use. They allow greater thresholds to be crossed than mobile platforms and are more secure.

Our mobile lifting platforms allow you to cross thresholds up to a maximum height of 1.4m. They offer real flexibility of use, they are very simple to install and store. They are economical to purchase and do not require installation work. They are also very easy to resell second-hand.

This is to best respond to the accessibility of establishments open to the public, shops, condominiums, offices, private homes that we have developed our ranges of PMR access ramps and fixed lifting platforms and mobile.