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Pool rehabilitation is ideal to help regain strength and mobility. For Handicap Accès, it is important to have quality equipment for effective rehabilitation. This is why we offer you a range of accessories designed to meet the needs of people in rehabilitation including aquatic dumbbells which offer good water resistance for a muscle strengthening, pool noodles which allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises and offer good support, gloves, boards and aquatic bracelets to improve strength and endurance. Find out how our rehabilitation accessories can help you achieve your goals.

Aquatic dumbbells for effective rehabilitation

Aquatic Dumbbells, also called Pool Dumbbells, are accessories used in the water to add resistance to movements. This resistance in water allows you to work your muscles without having to carry heavy weights. The resistance of the water is proportional to the speed of the movements, which allows you to vary the intensity of the exercises.

Aquatic dumbbells allow you to strengthen your muscles while protecting your joints. Exercising in water reduces the impact on the joints. Their use is ideal for people recovering from an injury or operation or suffering from joint pain. Additionally, pool dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises that work the arm muscles and latissimus dorsi. Aquatic dumbbells are therefore versatile tools particularly suited to recovery and rehabilitation in the swimming pool.

Pool Noodles, an essential accessory for good rehabilitation

Pool fries or noodles are the most used accessories in swimming pool rehabilitation. They provide additional buoyancy for patients who are uncomfortable in water or who have difficulty moving due to their weight or pain. They thus reduce the pressure on the muscles and joints. In addition, they help improvecoordination and balancein the water by serving as a stabilizer. They offer the possibility of a wide variety of exercises allowing you to gently work many muscles while preserving the joints. Thus the pushing and pulling movements in the water allow you to work the biceps and triceps. The movements of opening and closing the arms with the resistance of the water work the pectorals and latissimus dorsi. The twisting and flexion movements of the trunk ensure the muscular strengthening of the abdominal belt. Pool fries are the essential accessory for good pool rehabilitation, allowing you to gently work many muscles while ensuring safety and stability in the water.

Gloves, Boards & Bracelets: essential accessories

The use of gloves, boards and aquatic bracelets as complementary accessories to swimming pool rehabilitation offers numerous advantages:

The aquatic gloves increase the resistance surface of the hand allowing you to work on motor skills and muscle strengthening without having to carry weight. They also help to strengthen proprioception and therefore improve mobility and coordination. The muscles mainly worked with the gloves are the biceps, triceps, deltoids, trapezius and pectorals.

aquatic boards, for their part, specifically target lower body work. They provide buoyancy, which is beneficial for patients who are less stable or unconfident in the water. With planks, the quadriceps, hamstrings, and muscles responsible for flexion and extension of the hip and ankleare used.

Finally, the aquatic bracelets provide additional resistance. They can be positioned on the wrists or the ankles to work the arms or legs. They play an interesting role in improvingbalanceandstability. When worn on the wrists, they strengthen the arms, forearms and shoulders. Conversely, when worn on the ankles, they strengthen the legs, the hips, and the trunk stabilizing muscles.