ERP and housing universe

Discover our "ERP and Housing Universe" and its range of products specially designed to guarantee the accessibility of establishments open to the public (ERP), detached houses, residences and offices. Designed for people with reduced mobility and disabilities and the challenges they face on a daily basis, our products have been carefully selected to improve their mobility: PRM lifts and access ramps to overcome all types of obstacles, signage to guide and direct in complete safety, and solutions specially designed to help people feel welcome, get around, feel comfortable and live independently. Translated with (free version) At Handicap Accès, we believe that every detail is important. Our commitment? Providing a suitable environment for everyone.


Explore our range of fixed and mobile PRM lifts. They have been specially designed to facilitate access for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. Our solutions guarantee safety, comfort and independence, whether for public buildings or for access to the home. With Handicap Accès, you can overcome every obstacle with complete peace of mind.


Discover our range of products designed for the mobility of visually impaired people. Our guidance strips make it easier for them to get around, while the alertness strips and podotactile studs warn them of potential hazards. We also offer adhesives, stair nosings and risers for added safety on stairs and glass areas.


Discover our selection of products designed for the hearing impaired. Our magnetic induction loops provide clear, direct transmission to hearing aids, our induction earpiece amplifies sound reception from telephones and our listening amplifier helps people without hearing aids to hear better. Each of these tools has been designed to facilitate communication with the hearing impaired.