Home for the hearing impaired

The “magnetic loop” is perfectly suited to accommodating the hearing impaired. As such, it has been made compulsory in places open to the public such as swimming pools, town halls, museums, railway stations, shops, cinemas, places of worship, training and seminar centres, hotels and so on.


Dispositif d'accueil avec boucle à induction magnétique pour malentendant

The purpose of the amplifier is to increase the sound signal (a voice, the sound of a telephone, television, etc.) and transmit it to the magnetic loop in the form of an alternating current that generates a magnetic field.

The amplifier is connected to an existing PA system or directly to a microphone. The magnetic loop is combined with the amplifier in a single device, making it ideal for face-to-face use, or deployed for wider coverage (conference rooms, places of worship, etc.).


Onde radio d'une boucle à induction magnétique pour malentendant.

The receiver, integrated into the user’s hearing aid, is fitted with a receiver coil that picks up the magnetic field and transforms it into audible sound for the hearing impaired.

Receivers can be attached to the magnetic loop, linked to hearing aids in the “T” position, or integrated into headphones or specific devices.


Caillebotis caoutchouc antidérapant pour la circulation des piétons, pmr et fauteuil roulant

This induction headset replaces earphones for people with hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Ideal for amplifying the sound of a telephone or MP3 player, or for linking to the receiver of a portable magnetic loop.