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At Handicap Accès, we provide innovative solutions to facilitate the movement of people with reduced mobility and disabilities. As part of our different product ranges, our “patient lifts” category stands out for its inclusive nature and technology. From fixed or mobile lifts for pools and spas to pontoons and boats, each system is designed to make accessibility easier and safer.

Fixed pool lifts

Our fixed pool lifts allow access to swimming pools and spas in complete safety for people with reduced mobility and disabilities. Designed with materials resistant to the chlorinated or salty environments of swimming pools, they guarantee good stability during descent and ascent. Some lifts are equipped with an easy-to-use remote control, allowing users autonomy in use. Each lift complies with CE standards.

Mobile swimming pool lifts

For those looking for a more flexible launching system, our mobile pool lifts are the answer. Easily movable, they can be used in different locations around the pool. They do not require the prior installation of an anchor. Some lifts are also equipped with a remote control guaranteeing users independent use.

Above-ground pool and spa lifts

Our range of above ground pool and spa lifts are specifically designed to facilitate access to above ground pools and spas. They have adjustable lifting arms to adapt to the height of above-ground pools. They are easy to install and do not require prior modifications to the pool or spa with the exception of a base or dowels to be sealed in the pool deck. With intuitive operation and significant lifting capacity, they make swimming accessible to everyone, whatever the pool design.

Boarding jibs for PRM

Our PRM boarding jibs have been designed with the idea that access to water sports should not be limited. Whether you have a boat, kayak, or simply want to swim from a pontoon or dock, our boarding jibs are here to help. They offer a safe and reliable lifting system, with installation possible on most pontoons and docks.

At Handicap Accès, we firmly believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the freedom and pleasure that water can provide. Whether swimming in a pool or spa or sailing, we are committed to allowing you to experience these unique moments thanks to our lifts.

We are aware that choosing a pool lift or boarding jib can be complicated, which is why our sales team is on hand to assist you. From identifying your needs to choosing the product that best suits your situation, we are at your side to offer you a suitable solution. For more information you can also consult our advice sheet How to choose your pool lift.