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Balneotherapy is a method favored by many health professionals for the rehabilitation of their patients. It has long proven itself as a therapeutic method. It improves mobility and helps reduce pain. Faced with regular demand from our customers to support their patients in their rehabilitation program, we have developed a range of balneotherapy equipment. Chosen with particular attention, our equipment aims not only to facilitate the work of healthcare professionals, but also to offer their patients a favorable environment for their rehabilitation.

Balneotherapy for rehabilitation

rehabilitation is a crucial step after trauma, surgery or any other medical incident. It not only ensures rapid recovery but also a return to normal life. Water, with its unique properties, is therefore an invaluable ally in this reconstruction process.

In fact, water significantly attenuates the effect of gravity and lightens the weight of the body. This property is ideal for rehabilitation because it preserves the joints and facilitates mobility and balance exercises. Thus people with disabilities or in the rehabilitation phase take full advantage of this environment with a limited risk of injury and an increased capacity to work strength and coordination.

Water also provides natural resistance to help strengthen muscles. At a temperature close to 33°C, it promotes vasodilation, improving blood circulation. This temperature also helps with muscle relaxation. These properties make balneotherapy an effective and safe means for rehabilitation and muscle strengthening.

Our solutions for balneotherapy rehabilitation

Here is our selection of equipment to take full advantage of the benefits of balneotherapy:

  • Aquatic walker: They have been designed to make walking safer in an aquatic environment. This equipment is essential for those looking to work on their balance and coordination.
  • Removable walking corridors: These corridors, adapted to demanding swimming pool environments, allow patients to work on their walking movements, thus strengthening their mobility and stability. Removable, they can be easily removed from the pools and thus make the space available for the practice of other exercises.
  • Grab bars: They ensure patients’ balance while allowing them to work on the strength and mobility of the lower limbs. They have been specially designed to be attached to the handrails of balneotherapy pools.
  • Medical trampoline: After an operation or accident, regaining balance can be a challenge. Our trampoline, equipped with a grab bar, offers patients a safe and effective way to gently work on their coordination and balance.
  • Pool seats: They have been designed to attach securely to the pool handrail. It is the ideal tool for those starting their rehabilitation journey after an accident or operation. These seats guarantee safe and progressive contact with the water and provide a conducive setting for rehabilitation exercises.

Our balneotherapy equipment appreciated by health establishments

Our balneotherapy equipment is used by many health establishments: physiotherapy practices, medical-educational institutes, hospitals, EHPADs, thalasso centers, thermal baths, etc.

Our equipment is distinguished by its reliability and resistance. Carefully selected, our range meets the specific needs of each institution to guarantee effective and secure rehabilitation. The renewed confidence of these professionals testifies to the quality of our products.

Balneotherapy has gradually established itself as the preferred method for rehabilitation thanks to the therapeutic properties of water and the use of specific equipment. At Handicap Accès, we understand the importance of this balance and make it a point of honor to offer effective and secure solutions. The confidence expressed by healthcare professionals through the choice of our products reinforces our commitment to meeting the needs of swimming pool rehabilitation as best as possible.