Beach and yachting universe

Handicap Accès works to make the beach, swimming and sailing accessible to all.
Discover our beach and boating products designed for people with reduced mobility and disabilities, and enjoy the pleasures of the sea with our launching chairs, the ideal solution for walking on the beach or swimming.
Our PRM mats and modular beach walkways make it easier to get around on loose ground such as sand, while our jibs provide invaluable assistance when boarding boats.
Thanks to our practical solutions, everyone can enjoy the benefits of the sea and the sun.
Handicap Accès is your partner in making leisure activities more inclusive.


Discover our wheelchairs for beach and sea access. Equipped with all-terrain wheels and mounted on a lightweight frame, our beach chairs for the disabled are easy to move around on the sand, allowing you to enjoy the sun, a walk or a dip in the sea to the full. Comfortable and secure, they can be used with complete confidence. Explore our range of wheelchairs and rediscover the pleasures of the beach.


Discover our PRM boat access jibs designed to make boarding easier for people with reduced mobility and disabilities. Thanks to their secure lifting mechanism and ease of use, our jib cranes enable PRMs to transfer to different types of craft: inflatables, sailing boats, canoes, etc. Take a look at our PRM access jibs and enjoy the pleasures of sailing.


Discover Handicap Accès beach paths and mats, designed to make it easier for people with disabilities and reduced mobility to get around. Our products offer a non-slip, stable surface, perfect for safe movement on loose surfaces such as sand. Made from durable, lightweight materials, they are easy to install and store. Browse our range of beach paths and mats to enjoy the pleasures of the seaside.