Comparison of beach wheelchairs

Discover our range of beach wheelchairs, the most comprehensive on the market, to make beaches, watersports centres and bathing areas accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM) or disabilities, thanks to our comparison of beach wheelchairs.

What is a beach and swimming wheelchair?

It’s a wheelchair that accompanies people with reduced mobility or disabilities from the car park to the beach and into the water of lakes, rivers and seas. Wheelchairs fitted with floats, such as the Tiralo or Sofao, can also be used for swimming.

Not all beach wheelchairs are suitable for use in the water. This is particularly true of the Terrawheels wheelchair, which is recommended for walks on the beach or on roads, but which is not designed to accompany its user in the water.

Chairs with wheels with perforated plates, such as the SOLEMAR or the SAND & SEA, allow users to swim independently. These wheels make it easier to get around on sand and ensure the wheelchair’s stability in the water, particularly when the user is swimming. These wheels are suitable for sandy beaches but are not suitable for pebble beaches or rocks.

The Job beach chair with its many options (3rd wheel, sun visor, inflatable collar, headrest, armrests) provides real comfort for its user for prolonged and regular use. After accompanying you for a swim in the sea or a walk on the beach, it will be perfect as a deckchair for lounging in the sun.

Finally, the all-terrain version of the Seahorse is the ideal companion for long walks by the sea or for hiking, either independently or accompanied. It is also submersible, so can also be used for swimming in lakes or the sea.

What is the difference between our beach and swimming wheelchairs?

Materials: Beach wheelchairs are made from stainless steel and aluminium. They are generally painted with an epoxy paint that is resistant to the demanding seaside environment. The upholstery is made from Cordura fabric, openwork nylon, woven mesh or Batyline canvas, and is perfectly suited to seawater.

Manoeuvring: Wheelchairs with balloon wheels require the help of an attendant. Other wheelchairs with double wheels or plate wheels can be used individually or with external assistance. Les autres fauteuils proposés à double roues ou roues à plaques s’utilisent individuellement ou avec une aide extérieure.

Areas of use: beach wheelchairs take you from the car park to the water in lakes, rivers and seas, including showering and rolling on the beach (with the exception of Terrawheels). Models with floats allow users to bathe while remaining in their armchair. Some wheelchairs are also all-terrain, allowing users to go for walks by the sea or on tracks.

Seat: Canvas or PU foam. The backrests are adjustable on some models.

Their capacity varies between 110 and 150 kg.

These chairs weigh no more than 40 kg.

Finally, price is an important factor, but you mustn’t neglect the quality of the manufacturer’s after-sales service to ensure parts are replaced and available. Using products with established, recognised brand names ensures that your investment will last.