Comparison of above-ground pool and spa lifts

Discover the most comprehensive range of lifts on the market to make swimming pools and spas accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM) or disabilities, thanks to our comparison of above-ground pool and spa lifts. These lifts are suitable for use in semi-underground or above-ground pools and spas, and can be operated with or without assistance, depending on the model.

What is an above-ground pool and spa lift?

An above-ground pool lift is used to help disabled people or people with reduced mobility into semi-underground or above-ground pools and spas. Some above-ground pool lifts have also been designed for in-ground pools. They are generally fixed, anchored to the ground or fixed to the wall using a plate. They are removable, so can be taken out of their fixings for storage or positioned at the edge of another pool.

Most above-ground pools and spas can be serviced with our range of lifts. These include :

– self-supporting inflatable pools, above-ground tubular pools and above-ground wooden pools,
– rigid spas with acrylic tanks and inflatable spas in laminated PVC.
The principle behind these above-ground pools and spas is that they are not buried, or are only partially buried.

These pool lifts are ideal for wellness and medical professionals (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, hospitals, balneotherapy centres, terms), leisure professionals (holiday centres, hotels, campsites), local authorities and private individuals.

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What is the difference between these lift models?

Energy sources : Pool and above-ground spa lifts operate either manually, with a pump-operated jack or a crank-operated winch, or with a battery that powers a jack to launch the seat and sometimes a motor to rotate the seat.

Manoeuvring : Pool and above-ground spa lifts are operated with the help of an assistant. Some models, such as the Pal mobile lift in its Spa or Hi/Lo versions (ref: ELE-C-P HS), the Splash in its SPA or Hi/Lo versions (ref: ELE-C-S HS) or the ELE-H-R rail-mounted lift, can be used without external assistance.

For above-ground and in-ground pools: Above-ground pool and spa lifts have been designed to make semi-underground or above-ground pools accessible to people with reduced mobility or disabilities. Some models can also be used for in-ground pools. When they are removable, these models can serve both in-ground and above-ground pools.

Their lifting capacity varies between 130 and 200 kg.

These lifts weigh no more than 75 kg when fixed or rail-mounted. Only the Pal mobile lift (ref: ELE-C-P) has a substantial weight: 429 kg. It is weighted to ensure the lift remains stable when the user is lowered into the water.

These lifts for above-ground pools and spas come with a wide range of seating options, depending on the model: rigid seats with belts, handrails, straps or a full hammock. Some models offer the option of belts with 4 or 5 attachment points for better user support.

Finally, price is an important factor, but you mustn’t neglect the quality of the manufacturer’s after-sales service to ensure parts are replaced and available. Using products with established, recognised brand names ensures that your investment will last.