Pool and spa lifts: an asset for accessibility

At Handicap Accès our ambition is to make the world a more inclusive place. We offer a complete range of lifts for swimming pools and spas, specifically designed for people with reduced mobility and disabilities. The aim of these devices is to make swimming more accessible, thereby helping to improve the independence and well-being of people with reduced mobility and disabilities.

Our range of pool lifts covers all pool and spa configurations: in-ground and above-ground pools and spas, indoor and outdoor pools and spas, and all shapes and sizes of coping stones.


élévateur de piscine BluOne avec son siège en position basse

Over the last 15 years, Handicap Accès has built up a wealth of expertise in providing accessible solutions for swimming pools and spas. Whether your pool is in-ground or above-ground, we’ll find a pool lift to suit your needs.

Because every pool is unique, we offer a range of lifts designed for installation alongside in-ground or above-ground pools. Whether you have an in-ground pool in your garden or a raised spa on your terrace, our lifts are designed to provide safe access.

Our lifts for in-ground pools can be fixed or mobile. Fixed risers, although positioned on a sealed anchor in the pool deck, are generally removable for storage after use or at the end of the season. Mobile lifts provide greater flexibility. They can be moved from one place to another around the pool. Resistant to corrosion and equipped with manual, hydraulic or motorised mechanisms, these pool lifts offer good durability, even under the most rigorous environmental conditions (chlorine, salt, etc.). They are fitted with hammock seats or rigid seats that ensure a smooth descent into the water, reducing the risk of slipping or falling.

What’s more, our lifts for above-ground pools offer great flexibility. Designed specifically for elevated pools, these lifts feature pivoting arms to help clear the sides of the pool. They are generally removable, so can be put away after use or at the end of the season.

In short, whatever the profile of your pool or spa, Handicap Accès can offer you the lift that will enable you to enjoy the pleasures and benefits of swimming to the full.



Elévateur pour piscine et spa utilisé pour la mise à l'eau d'une jeune fille.

At Handicap Accès, we offer a wide range of accessibility solutions for swimming pools and spas, with lifts that operate independently or with assistance. Our aim is to encourage maximum autonomy and guarantee the safety of all our users.

Our battery-operated pool lifts are specially designed to maximise user autonomy. They are generally fitted with a remote control for raising, lowering and sometimes rotating the seat, and a control box enabling users to check the battery status. These lifts are perfect for those who want to maintain their independence while continuing to enjoy swimming and bathing. However, be careful not to descend into the water without a means of escape in the event of the pool lift breaking down.

Hydraulic pool lifts can also be used in stand-alone mode. They use water pressure to operate the mechanism that raises and lowers the seat. The ascent and descent into the water is gentle. Hydraulic lifts are also highly reliable and require very little maintenance. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular with users.

At the same time, our assisted pool lifts are suitable for those who need help to access swimming pools or spas. They therefore require the assistance of a carer to operate the raising and lowering mechanism and ensure the seat rotates. These pool access lifts are generally more economical, while remaining functional and safe.


Elévateur de piscine SPLASH utilisé pour la mise à l'eau d'une personne à mobilité réduite.

At Handicap Accès, we support both private individuals and professionals in their project to install accessibility solutions for swimming pools and spas. Our range of pool lifts meets a wide variety of needs. As a result, we offer the most comprehensive range on the market.

Our home pool lifts are designed for domestic use, combining safe and reliable operation.

For professionals, we offer robust, high-performance pool lifts. Some pool lifts have been designed with high lifting capacities, powerful safety systems and are made from hard-wearing materials for intensive use. They are perfectly adapted to the needs of leisure professionals (campsites, hotels, aquatic centres, tourist residences), the well-being and health (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, balneotherapy and thalassotherapy centres, thermal baths, senior residences), and to local authorities, builders, architects, design offices and retailers (swimming pool specialists, medical equipment distributors).