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Welcome to the world ofaquatic accessibility with SR SMITH, the world leader in innovative and inclusive pool equipment, specially designed for people with reduced mobility. Handicap Accès is proud to present a complete range of SR SMITH products(aXs2, Splash and Pal2), combining functionality and elegance to transform any aquatic space into a haven of freedom and safety for all. Every PRM elevator and launching seat meets the strict requirements of the ADA law and CE standards, ensuring accessibility and compliance. Whether you’re a in particular, a medical professional, a community or institution such as a Whether at a campsite, hotel or spa, find out how SR SMITH and Handicap Accès can enrich theswimming experience for everyone, including the disabled, with these pool lifts.

About SR SMITH :
Since it was founded, SR SMITH has established itself as a leading manufacturer of swimming pool equipment for people with reduced mobility. This iconic brand is synonymous with a commitment to excellence, sustainability and innovation. SR SMITH stands out for its ability to create products that facilitateaquatic access for all, making swimming an inclusive and beneficial activity. With a focus on theend-user, SR SMITH designs equipment that combines advanced technology and intuitive functionality to ensure an unrivalled user experience.
The brand is driven by a clear mission: to offer freedom of movement in the water while guaranteeing users’ safety and comfort. SR SMITH’s PMR equipment is the result of in-depth research and a keen understanding of the needs of people with reduced mobility. By taking a holistic approach, SR SMITH ensures that its pool lifts are reliable solutions for overcoming physical barriers and promoting greater social integration in water-based leisure activities.

SR SMITH products at Handicap Accès
aXs2 pool lift

TheAxS2 combines efficiency and compactness, offering an ideal PRM accessibility solution for pools in private homes, hotels and small structures. Designed to minimize space requirements, the aXs2 pool lift anchors easily to the edge and offers full 360° rotation for a safe and comfortable transfer. Equipped with a waterproof remote control, it promises total autonomy, enabling users to move around without external assistance. The seat featuresflip-up armrests, footrests and a seatbelt to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. What’s more, its ability to be moved between several basins underlines its versatility, making it suitable for a variety of contexts and installation needs. Last but not least, its compliance with CE and ADA standards, in accordance with French law N°2005-102, ensures accessibility andinclusion for people with disabilities, making the aXs2 a privileged choice to reinforce equal access to aquatic leisure activities.

Splash patient lift
The Splash is a versatile and proven pool lift, specially designed to make pool access effortless for wheelchair users. This device stands out for its ability to adjust to a variety of pool configurations thanks to its multiple versions such as Standard, Hi/Lo, SPA, and ER, ensuring great adaptability to any aquatic environment. Its intuitive design enables smooth, easy transfer from a wheelchair, providing a fully autonomous user experience, while also allowing assisted use if required. What’s more, the Splash complies with CE and ADA standards, guaranteeing accessibility and integration for people with reduced mobility in accordance with the requirements of law N°2005-102, making it the preferred choice for establishments looking to provide a inclusive and equitable access to water-based leisure activities.

Pal2 pool elevator
The PAL2, the latest evolution of thestand-alone pool elevator, combines contemporary design and functionality to ensure easy immersion in the relaxing waters of a pool or spa. Thanks to its integrated castors, this self-contained, mobile unit offers unprecedented freedom of movement, requiring no fixed installation or permanent anchoring. With its waterproof remote control and high-performance motorized system, the PAL2 provides autonomous access to the water, facilitating aquatic activities for users with diverse needs. It is designed for a wide range of environments, from medical and wellness facilities to public and private leisure areas, hotel complexes and private residences. Its ability to facilitate transfer from a wheelchair and offer seat rotation of up to 240° underlines its accessibility and autonomy, guaranteeing an inclusive experience for all bathers. Compliant with CE standards and meeting the requirements of French law N°2005-102, the PAL2 is the preferred choice for those looking to make their aquatic facilities available and welcoming for people with disabilities.

Pal2 Hi/Lo above-ground elevator :
The Pal2 Hi/Lo is an innovative above-ground pool elevator designed to provide an aquatic experience accessible to all, including people with reduced mobility. Its unique mobile design makes it the only elevator able to clear low walls of up to one meter, enabling it to be adapted to a multitude of pool configurations: from spas, pools and semi-underground Jacuzzis to above-ground pools. Thanks to its waterproof remote control and motorization, users can access the water independently or with assistance. The Pal2 Hi/Lo, which comes in Hi/Lo and SPA versions, is suitable for a variety of players, from medical and wellness professionals to leisure establishments and private individuals, underlining its adaptability to all types of pools or docks. With its sturdy stainless steel and aluminum structure and significant lifting capacity, this elevator is both durable and reliable, meeting the needs of users while complying with the requirements of Law N°2005-102 on accessibility for disabled people in establishments open to the public.

Pal2 Spa mobile above-ground elevator :
Le Pal Spa revolutionizesaquatic accessibility with its mobile above-ground pool elevator, designed specifically for users with reduced mobility. This equipment stands out as a complete solution for spas, Jacuzzis and above-ground pools, capable of overcoming low walls over one meter high, guaranteeing harmonious integration into various aquatic environments, including semi-underground installations. Its ability to be operated autonomously via a waterproof remote control or with assistance underlines its adaptability and commitment to providing an unrestricted user experience. Mobility on wheels and theautonomy offered by a durable battery contribute to its ease of use, making it an ideal choice for a variety of establishments, from health and wellness centers to leisure areas and private residences. The Pal Spa complies with CE standards and current legislation, in particular law N°2005-102, and is an indispensable asset in making the pleasures and benefits of water accessible to all, affirming the importance ofinclusivity in the leisure and wellness sector.

Splash Hi/Lo in-ground and above-ground pool lift:
The Splash Hi/Lo is a ingenious elevation solution for in-ground and above-ground pools, spas and jacuzzis, designed to overcome architectural barriers and offer a effortless access to heights of over one metre. This lifting platform seduces with its robustness and versatility, making thea pleasant, accessible aquatic experience in a variety of environments and for a diverse clientele, from wellness centers to public facilities and individual users. Its compliance with CE and ADA standards illustrates its commitment to providing safe accessibility that complies with the regulations of French law N°2005-102, making it an essential choice for entities looking to equip their facilities with a reliable and safe elevation system for people with reduced mobility.

Splash Spa pool lift :
The Splash Spa embodies innovation in the SR SMITH range of pool lifts, specially adapted for spas and above-ground installations. This equipment is designed to maximize functionality and versatility, allowing safe and easy access for all mobility-impaired and disabled people. Perfect for above-ground spas, it meets the specific needs of these environments with ease of transport and storage, making it ideal for flexible use in a variety of contexts. Compliant with CE standards, Splash Spa is committed to offering the accessibility required by law N°2005-102, ensuring that pools and spas are accessible to disabled people, guaranteeing their right to relaxation and leisure without barriers.

Aquatic accessibility solutions for all
PRM accessibility in aquatic spaces is much more than a question of compliance; it’s an extension of the right to freedom and pleasure that water provides, essential for the development of people with disabilities. Indeed, water creates a space of freedom where gravity is attenuated, enabling movements otherwise limited on land to be accomplished, offering invaluable physical, psychological and social benefits. SR SMITH, through its innovative solutions such as the aXs2, Splash and Pal elevators, has played a decisive role in improving the quality of life of disabled people, by eliminating the physical barriers that hinderaccess to pools and spas. Not only do these devices enable greater autonomy and self-esteem among users, they also reinforceinclusivity in leisure and wellness facilities. Handicap Accès is committed to providing these essential facilities, ensuring that aquatic installations are safe and accessible to all, underlining the importance of a society where everyone, whatever their abilities, has their place. By enriching aquatic experiences for individualsby facilitating medical rehabilitationin equipping communities with inclusive tools and in improving the range of vacation and wellness centersSR SMITH and Handicap Accès are working together to make access to water a reality for all, demonstrating the crucial importance of accessibility in the quest for an improved quality of life.