Comparison of fixed pool lifts

Discover our range of fixed pool lifts, the most comprehensive on the market, to make swimming pools and spas accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM) or disabilities, thanks to our comparison of fixed pool lifts. These anchor-mounted lifts are suitable for in-ground pools and spas and can be operated with or without assistance, depending on the model.

What is a fixed pool lift?

Unlike mobile pool lifts, which can move around on castors and be positioned anywhere around a pool, fixed pool lifts are anchored to the ground. Two types of mounting are generally available: a base (or sleeve) into which the lift foot is inserted, or a foot on a plate fixed to the ground with screws or flywheels.

Fixed pool lifts do not usually remain permanently at the edge of the pool. Most are removable and easy to move. This means they can be stored in a technical room after use and serve several pools in the same establishment (with several sealed anchors).

Comparatif des élévateurs de piscine fixes

What is the difference between the fixed pool lifts on offer?

Energy sources : Fixed pool lifts operate manually, using a pump-operated jack or a crank-operated winch, with a battery powering the jack to lower or raise the seat and sometimes a motor to rotate the seat, or using a hydraulic thrust system that uses water pressure to raise the seat.

Manoeuvring : Most fixed pool lifts are operated with external assistance. Some models can be used without assistance. These include hydraulic pool lifts, battery-powered lifts with side descent, the ELE-H-R rail-mounted lift, the Splash (ELE-C-S) and the aXs2 lift (ELE-C-A2).

For in-ground or above-ground pools: Fixed pool lifts are suitable for in-ground pools. Some models can also be used for semi-buried or above-ground pools (see above-ground pool and spa lifts comparison). When they are removable, these models can serve both in-ground and above-ground pools.

Their lifting capacity varies between 120 and 200 kg.

These lifts weigh no more than 100 kg. Some models offer the option of a trolley, caddy or hand truck for transport.

These lifts are equipped with a wide range of seats, depending on the model: rigid seats, hand frames, straps or full hammocks. Some models offer the option of belts with 4 or 5 attachment points for better user support.

Finally, price is an important factor, but you mustn’t neglect the quality of the manufacturer’s after-sales service to ensure parts are replaced and available. Using products with established, recognised brand names ensures that your investment will last.